• Origami Kaleidoscope

  • Between Two Worlds

Origami Kaleidoscope

Between Two Worlds

Shan Richards – Artist Statement:

Origami Kaleidoscope; Between Two Worlds, is an exhibition showcasing a collection of artworks, which draw inspiration from the prismatic colours and essence of my recent trip to Japan.

Inspired by the intricacies of the mystic Japanese culture, these vibrant and eclectic works of kaleidoscopic colours shift between ‘worlds’; from complex forms to abstraction, the conscious to subconscious; from the subjective reality of sight to the reality of insight. The significance of the “kaleidoscope” in this work is one that reflects the ‘observations of beautiful forms’, with ever changing combinations. As we Kaleidoscope through life, shifting between worlds, we mentally capture fleeting moments, process and reassembling these mesmerizing flashes. With the use of interchanging intricate forms to abstraction, my work explores the concept of perception. The influences from our memories and past experiences, visually processing information we receive, reacting and redesigning to become our own truths of observation of the world around us.

As you’ll see, colour is a defining characteristic in my artworks. They focus on a weaving of elements; movement, form, colour and depth, creating a multidimensional space that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. They explore a concept of “origami fabrication”, inspired by my love of fabric draping, harmonious, uplifting, saturated colours, and beautiful, exotic landscapes and cultures. The concept of manipulating fabrics into intricate 3D pleated “origami” designs, examines the relationship between the techniques of draping with painting to create depths of illusions. Drawing on this concept, I experiment with the deconstruction of 3D forms back into a 2D painting, creating these graceful ‘fabricated’ illusions, heightening the effect by applying rich vivid colours. Combining these elements, they create a labyrinth of ideas with the intention of provoking a deeply thoughtful, personal connection.

I strive to produce unique thought-provoking paintings that create an awareness of the beauty of all that surrounds us, leaving the viewer feeling invigorated and uplifted, while revealing a world or an idea that may have once been closed off to them.